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ULTRA Bilge Pumpswitch

  Whether you go to sea for work or play, protecting your floating investment from saltwater’s destructive force is critical. We recommend using PTFE based ULTRA Tef-Gel everywhere saltwater touches joining metals.

ULTRA Tef-Gel is ideal for aluminum boats

  Every boat owner knows the frustration of trying to remove corroded or seized bolts and fittings, even after a short period of saltwater exposer. The experience usually leads to scrapped knuckles and foul sailor’s language. Not to mention the cost of replacing these items on a regular basis.

Used properly ULTRA Tef-Gel is the ultimate anti-seize, anti-corrosion lubricant available to the public. Stops and prevents Galling, Seizing, and Blistering in any marine application. 

  ULTRA Tef-Gel will protect your boat for as long as you own it, saving you a lifetime of frustration, at least when it comes to boat maintenance.

  Original ULTRA Tef-Gel has been successfully used for years on boats of all types including commercial and recreational fishing boats, Sailboats large and small, and Pontoon boats.

ULTRA Tef-Gel® and ULTRA Bilge PumpSwitches™ are Trademarked and Registered to

Ultra Safety Systems