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Original ULTRA Tef-Gel® Protecting your boat since 1989


Prevention of galvanic corrosion between dissimilar metals

Eliminates seizing and galling of dissimilar metals

Lubrication that will not break down, even in salt water or detergents

The Tef-Gel Story

During my years in the Aerospace industry, I used many Hi-Tech products not available to the public. Decades later, I am applying my Aerospace knowledge to my career in the marine industry.

The most common problems I see are: blistering, corrosion, rust, galling, and seizing of metals. To eliminate this, I discovered a PTFE compound that when properly applied, eliminates these common hardware problems in marine environments. I call this compound TEF-GEL®. It’s space age design doesn’t break down in saltwater or detergents.

TEF-GEL® has never failed me! I’ve sold this commercial grade product to the most demanding professionals at major equipment manufacturers, rigging company’s, and ship builders with complete satisfaction.

Robert P. Mergenthaler
ULTRA Safety Systems

DUNS: 012792252  /  CAGE: 7WBJ5

NAICS: 324191  /  PSC: 9150


Use On:

Any screw or bolt installed to

  1. a) Prevent corrosion between dissimilar metals i.e. stainless screws, bolts or rivets into aluminum (paint blistering, frozen fasteners, outboard motors).
    1. Prevent galling on stainless and titanium fasteners, and
    2. Discoloration and rot in wood (water cannot get past it).
  2. Moving parts to lubricate:
  3. Hatch and porthole dogs, hinges and
  4. Fighting chairs slides, swivels, locking pins and
  5. Outrigger slides, pulleys, rigging screws.
  6. Slide, swivels, snaps etc. Slower moving bearing and cams to:
  7. Replace petroleum greases that wash out in3
  8. Enable lifetime use of bearings in hard access like lazzarettcs and furling gears.
  9. Replace silicone to lubricate
  10. Pump gaskets, heat exchanger parts and PVC fittings to:
    1. Stop weeping around endplates, faceplates, heat exchangers and plumbing
    2. Allow better sealing and adjustment in PVC
  11. Replace grease in shop on
    1. Punches presses, drill presses (longer life, smoother operation).
  12. Propeller shafts to allow easy removal of propellers (especially splined shafts). Packing in glands to make stuffing box drip free.
  13. Use on all your battery ends in flashlights etc. to stop tin oxide formation, making your batteries last much longer.
Many, many other uses! Cleans up with Mineral Spirits. Waterproof. Will not wash away.

A note from one of our happy customers:

 I was having problems with the steering cable on my 2006 SeaDoo Sportster and I was talking about it with my co-workers.  The boat had sat, mostly in a garage, for the last 3 years and the steering was stuck.  I had to pull as hard as I could on the wheel to break it free. One night, I spent about two hours spraying WD-40 on the cable, working the wheel, and wiping off the rusty brown fluid coming out of the cable.  I got it to work about 50% free (it was still difficult to move and made noise when steering). Today, about a week later, I was given a small applicator of your Tef-Gel by my boss, Bryan Daugherty. He said, “This is supposed to be the best stuff out there, try in on your steering cable.”
  Of course, I was skeptical, after all, it’s such a small amount of what looked like some form of lithium grease.  I couldn’t see that helping my situation, but I got set to apply it anyway.  I put a small amount on my finger and applied it to the extended cable and started working it back and forth.  At first, there was no change, but as I added about 4 more fingertips worth, the cable got quieter, and the wheel freed up even more. I honestly couldn’t believe it.  I kept working the wheel and wiping the excess off of the cable and smearing it back on until there was a light
film of Tef-Gel on the extended, visible part of the cable.  It’s almost brand new.  There is still some minor noise, probably because of built up rust, but I do NOT have to replace the cable!  I only used half the applicator, and I’m sure I’ll apply some more after this season. It’s WAY better than lithium!

You have a great product!  Please keep up the amazing work…

Thanks a million,
Rick R. Hinzman

Manufacturers Using ULTRA Tef-Gel®



Dole fresh Fruit

Dynetk Systems Corp.

General Dynamics Robotics

General Dynamics SATCOM Tech

Haas TCM Inc.

Freeman Marine

Night Vision Technology, Inc.


Seiler Hughes

Idaho Power Supply

Carrier Transicold

LH4 Associates

Lockheed Martin

Naval Special Warfare Dev.

Naval Surface Warfare Center

Northrop Grumman Systems Corp

Stidd Systems, Inc.

The Bern Group

The Boeing Co.

U.S. Coast Guard

Underwater Lights, LLC

US Army Aberdeen Test Center


Winthrop Tool

US Marine Corp.